What Not To Do

What not to do? Don’t follow instructions & see what can happen.
• Roofer with 30 yrs. experience decided to not simply following instructions.

Two sheets have UV coating facing down and the sheets yellowed.
Cap screw layout ignored. Yellowed sheet popped out and broke when ice fell on it.
Cap screw layout ignored, leaks, then silicone & mess. With proper install silicone not required.
If you have problems email us. Customer solutions can void the warranty.

In this case (above,right) installer used screws that should go thru body of sheet, to attach Cap to Base. So, screws go right thru the Base.

Trees overhead, mold inside sheet, min. 1/12 (5%) pitch not adhered to, overhang too far.
Minimum 3/12 pitch in heavy pollen areas, hose down regularly.

Screws in U-Profile at lower edge not 8″ On-Center, allowing pollen water to enter.
Overhang too far, screw not close to sheet edge, Cap will not clamp down properly.
Silicone not used at lower edge of Cap, allowing pollen water to enter.


Cranking down on screws, dimpling Cap and silicone as assumed solution.

Cranking down on screws, dimpling sheet, no support for full length of sheet,
Cap stops short, aluminum tape used at top edge, not U-Profile. This will fail.


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