Vent Tape Not Required

U-Profiles fit snug. Simply follow instructions for a watertight install. Leading edge of U-Profile eliminates water entry. Add weep holes and a tricky problem is solved! 3/8” screws on long leg of U-Profile causes polycarbonate to dimple slightly. This, and beveled leading edge of long leg of U-Profile, eliminates entry of water (often laden with clogging dust and pollen). Approach field tested for 15 years.   Back to Install Details

Site cut sheets gather poly. dust in channels, complete removal of dust unlikely, dust will eventually migrate to lower edge. Vent tape will effectively stop drainage of this dust, bacteria may grow. In time channels may clog, resulting in condensation backing up. Please use drawings below as a general guide for a successful installation.


Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies