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Aluminum Install Components: No Aluminum returns and for polycarb customers only.
Order enough Trim, Base & Cap and Hdwr. Small orders get very, very costly. U-Profile used around fans, doors etc.
Base & Cap typically cut to length of polycarbonate sheets and put in crate.
Hardware: Screw needs determined by Base & Cap Screw Usage Notes. – Order forms add ship costs.

Payment: Visa, MasterCard, Am. Ex, Discover, eCheck or Wire Transfer.

Shipment: Be patient. 99% of orders arrive early or on time. If order late, email us. Allow for transit time.

Customer Responsibility: Order is legal agreement to terms and policies. These include material list confirmation, being available and prepared for timely and successful receipt, inspection and tally of goods. Failure to confirm list or follow delivery policy can lead to material and shipping costs, storage fees, returned material, damaged goods costs and may jeopardize shortage or damage claims. If crate and/or polycarb is damaged customer must inspect to determine if acceptable. Failure to report damage, and provide timely photos, may jeopardize your claim. Call 888-775-6176 immediately for swift service. See Receiving Poly. 24 ft. Base & Cap is shipped with polycarb, usually in Crate, cut to size.  Customer responsibility to promptly inventory materials, confirming receipt of all goods. If items are missing inform us immediately or you may jeopardize your claim.

Return Policy: Polycarb custom cut and may not be returned.
No Aluminum returns. Customer usually improperly packs, items arrive damaged.
Other items 10% restocking fee and ship back to Sundance Supply, LLC.

Cancellations: Poly custom cut, once cut no cancellations, no funds are returned. See Return Policy above.

Right to Refuse Service: We go to great lengths to be of service to a wide range of customers.  Sundance Supply is set up to serve those with a level of knowledge to come to us with a complete material list, the ability to follow Install Policy and Customer Responsibility, as noted above.  In some cases it is obvious a customer is not following the above terms, is proceeding with installations that will result in failures, or is being rude, unreasonably demanding and /or highly disruptive in nature, to the point that proceeding with an order would be highly disruptive to our business.  In such cases we reserve the right to refuse to proceed with providing said services.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies