Quoting and Ordering Instructions

Polycarbonate Min. $800  for Poly Sheet Only – Aluminum, Hdwr. & Shipping  Costs Are Extra

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Quoting Ordering Instructions  Or Email with list of Polycarb. & Install Components – or – Pose Questions
                           A prompt response will occur from  ~ Bob Daley, Owner

Why no phone number:  With 200+ visitors per day answering call volume proved unmanageable

Please be specific     Project Type    Size    • Roof Slope    Multiwall or Corrugated Polycarbonate    • Etc.

Quote Requests: Accept call from 970 Office Area Code. Many questions required for quote – We ship from Wisc.

The website is a wealth of information – Wise builders, who seek success, use this resource

 Order Aluminum Carefully, get enough, small 8′ orders via UPS  Very Expensive, Quote Only

Delivery Instructions   No lift gate, customer removes from truck          • Order Terms        • Pickup Instructions   

• CO sales only to those responsible for sales tax   • Aluminum & Hdwr. orders for polycarb customers only.


Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies