Polycarbonate Specs & Tolerances

• Brand Supplied: Polycarbonate shall be Verolite, Lexan, Lexan Plus, Lexan 15 (all as mfg. by Sabic) or other internationally recognized brand with an equal or better warranty, UV protection, drip guard and light transmission characteristics. If specific fire codes must be adhered to always email us, prior to placing order, to ensure compliance. Note: Store polycarb out of direct sun or protective film may stick to poly.

Thickness +/- .5 mm • • Width +/- 1/8″ • • Length +/- 1/4″

Strength See load charts in Base & Cap Install System pages.

Visual defects (inclusions, bubbles, black specs, gel,etc) no visual defects are allowed by inspection from a distance of 1 M. If not visible by using this method, sheet would be considered acceptable. Only 2 defects for every 3 linear meters of material with defect size not exceeding 1 mm in diameter or if not visible from inspection from 1 mm distance will be acceptable.

Reporting Defects We must be notified immediately about defects or claim may be jeopardized. Do not install poly if you notice defects.

Poly Sheet Notes: Refer to instructions on the film placed on the polycarb. Kindly ignore use of vent tape, as our U-Profile (when used) eliminates the need for vent tape – See Vent Tape Not Required

. Please take note and follow any instructions referring to which side of the polycarb faces the sun, as only some sheets have the two sides UV.

Condensation Multi-Wall polycarb is not a sealed unit and condensation will occur between the layers. This is normal and can not be avoided. Differences in temperature and/or humidity between interior and exterior of the structure creates this situation. Typically when the sun shines on the sheet or when climate differences stabilize the condensation decreases or goes away. For condensation to drain properly the channels must be running vertically.

If total elimination of condensation is crucial then use insulated glass. Please note insulated glass seals eventually fail and condensation occurs. Insulated glass units come with a 5 or 10 yr warranty. No warranty is available in high humidity applications such as greenhouses or pool enclosures, or in overhead applications such as skylights.

Sheet Expansion & Contraction: Sheet will expand in hot weather and contract in cold. Figure about 1/32″ per foot for 100º of temperature change. For small greenhouses, the impact is minimal. To avoid problems follow Install System Guidelines. Installation on a cold day with sheets touching, or jammed tight against a wall, can create problems as the sheet expands. The sheet will absorb some flexing, but best to follow our guidelines. The greatest amount of expansion and contraction can occur in the spring and fall. Cold nights and warm sunny days can result in dramatic temperature swings. During these times the sheet may make a creaking noise. Do not be alarmed, this is a normal effect of sheet movement as the polycarb expands or contracts along the framing members. On orders of poly over ten feet you will be sent an email explaining a foam tape option to help deaden the noise. Sheets under 10 ft. are usually not an issue, unless you use Bronze. Bronze, being a dark color, will get warmer in the sun and it will be hotter under the panel, even though the light and solar transmission is less. Bronze also expands and contracts 30% more than clear or white opal.

Roof Slope Note: Minimum 2/12 roof pitch required in areas with substantial rain, trees overhead dropping pollen (or other tiny particles) and damp conditions where the combination will cause mold and mildew to breed. Under these conditions it is crucial that water cascades off the roof, keeping the polycarb clean.

Hurricane Zone: Sundance Supply will only provide polycarb and install systems for projects that receive an engineers stamp and are approved by local building departments. At design time it is the customers responsibility to receive an engineers stamp and approval from your local bldg. dept. Sundance Supply takes no responsibility for the final design and installation of our products in hurricane zones, but will work closely with customers and their architects and engineers to receive bldg. dept approval. It is the responsibility of the bldg. dept. inspector to approve project after installation. If you are in a hurricane zone and have not received bldg dept. approval, as noted above email us for guidance .

Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies