Polycarbonate Pickup

Polycarb plus all other items can be picked up, no crate & freight charges.

Warehouse: Near Green Bay, WI            See Online Quote & Order Forms

Poly. mfg. warehouse is Not a Showroom.

  • Place order with Sundance
  • $800 Polycarbonate Only Minimum must be met.
  • Green Bay, WI Area Warehouse calls when order ready.
  • If not called in 3-4 days  Email, we will expedite .
  • Address provided when ready.
  • Please bring order receipt when picking up your order.
  • It is your responsibility to be aware of all items to pick up.
  • Pickups Mon. – Fri Only. 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM .
  • Pickup orders may not be canceled. Sheets custom cut for You.
  • Orders Must be picked up promptly or storage fees apply. (7-10 days from order)
  • Arrive with appropriate vehicle & prep for loading the size polycarb ordered.

Polycarb  Pick Up is a 3 step process.

1) Place order with Sundance,

2) We place order with the manufacturer and get other items boxed.

3) Warehouse calls to confirm order and estimate ready date. They call back when order ready for pickup, with directions. Pick up promptly or storage fees may apply.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies