Polycarbonate Shipping Information

To place order read legal agreement below.    Print this page for delivery day        See Quote & Order Forms

Poly, Aluminum & Hdwr: Ships from Wisc, about 1 Wk After Order – 1.5 to 2 weeks to your door.

Commercial Only Industrial Parks & other official commercial locations, Not Farms or Schools.  Normal business hours, 9-5, required for delivery, or call freight co. to make arrangements.  Other locations are deemed as Residential and incur a $75 fee, as deliveries more difficult and call made to customer to schedule delivery.

Customer Responsibility to track shipment, be in touch with freight company and be prepared for delivery.  Customer must unload within 30 minutes. Failure to follow guidelines can result in additional fees from the freight co.

If unacceptable do not order or cancel order by calling 888-775-6176.    Once cut  polycarbonate is yours.

Storage: Store in dry, shaded and well ventilated area, but not under flexible PVC coverings.

NOTE: Sticker on crate says “Do not lay crate flat” – That is for transit only – see instructions below.

• We Email Freight Co. Tele and Track #.  Freight Co. may also call. Do not wait. Call them. Freight Co. can provide estimated date of arrival. Often another call required to pin down exact day and “window of time for delivery”, especially if shipment gets transferred to a local carrier. Appointments for exact time of delivery are very expensive, and not part of service. To ensure understanding delivery arrangements be specific with Freight Co. Write down all Freight Co. Phone and Track #’s. Once product shipped, and tracking data sent, customer responsible for tracking shipment and communication with freight company required for a timely delivery.

UNLOADING:  Polycarbonate, aluminum and hardware comes in crate, 24 ft. Base & Cap most often in crate and cut to size.  Shipments via motor freight, most often in 28 ft. trucks. Be prepared. Polycarb crates are heavy. To determine poly shipment weight see listing on Order Form or Email Receipt. First get crate flat on bed of truck. Have 2 men (and driver), or use rope or chain (and proper equipment to tie tow chain to) to slide crate off truck so one end hits ground and other end leans against truck. Now Carefully Inspect crate. If no damage To The Crate sign bill-of-lading and get trucker to pull truck forward and let crate fall, to the ground. The center of bullet proof glass is made of polycarb. It will not break. Crate will just be easier to take apart. If sheets are long customer must have sufficient manpower or equipment to unload the crate. If Damage To The Crate call 888-775-6176 immediately.

Easy Access: Customer location must be easy access for truck or customer is responsible for prompt pickup at freight terminal. Delayed pick up may result in storage fees.

Lift gate service is not included. Freight Co. charges extra, up to $200. Poly. crates often heavy and lift gate unloading not best, as it will get in the way of unloading. Instructions above for receiving material, or handling via your equipment, are the best ways to go.

1 crate charge applies to 1 crate, max. 2000 lbs. Additional crating charges apply to orders over 2000 lbs, or on orders where multiple crates are requested. See photo of typical Crating.

If you will have difficulty getting crate off truck ask trucker if you can crack open crate & remove polycarb. Equip helpers with cat’s paw for pulling nails, screws guns for pulling screws, crow bar, pinch bar, claw hammers, etc. Truckers want the load off their truck and will usually allow this, but process must be swift, maximum 30 minutes. After sheets unloaded take crate off truck. Trucking company does not want your crate.

Upon delivery of material, inspect exterior of packaging and confirm that the correct number of units has been delivered. If both ok, accept the shipment. Soon after delivery do a physical count of poly, aluminum and hardware. If material is missing and we are not informed in a timely fashion you may jeopardize claim, or at the very least make the whole process of finding, and/or replacing material difficult.

If crate damaged, open & inspect. It is driver’s job and duty to wait while material is inspected. Poly. is extremely durable, often no damage has occurred. If damage present, or items missing, Note on Bill of Lading, tell driver, take photos, get drivers signature and keep a copy. If only a few sheets damaged accept shipment, note number of damaged sheets. If most of the shipment is damaged do not accept shipment. Unless the crate is totally damaged, accept the delivery, failure to do so will make the situation worse. List damaged material, and missing items, on the Bill Of Lading, and replacements will be swift. We are on your side and will resolve any issues. If number of units listed on bill-of-landing results in missing material we also need to know immediately – Call 888-775-6176 and report damage or shortage. We will confirm damage report, or shortage, and have replacement material sent out to you immediately (if the above instructions followed). Damage very rarely happens. Shortages rarely occur. Failure to follow above will jeopardize claim.

If no damage inspect polycarb shortly after it arrives, after truck leaves. If concealed damage or material shortage is discovered when unpacking, leave material and packing as is and notify us immediately. Delayed reporting jeopardizes your claim. Installing damaged polycarb voids all claims. We will deal with situation immediately. Call 888-775-6176. We will ship new material quickly if your claim is fair & reasonable.

8 ft. Aluminum and Hardware is most often is placed in the crate. 8 ft. Aluminum and Hardware Only orders ship via UPS Ground. inspect boxes for exterior damage. If damage to contents exists, inform the driver and notify us immediately. We will replace material as needed. 24′ Base & Cap ships with poly, usually in the crate.

Remote area policy:  Online order form shipping costs presented are calculated, but do not reflect added charges to remote or island locations, that require added services, or inner city (like NY City) with higher rates.

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