Polycarbonate Selection Tips and Suggestions

Contact us if questions or in need of polycarbonate selection tips.  Clear & Softlite best for high light and solar gain.  Softlite 100% diffusion, great for growing and privacy.  Colors: White/Opal best for shade and cooling.  Avoid bronze, hot in sun, expands & contracts wildly and will creak during temp. swings.

polycarbonate selection tips Thermoclear  20 yr. Warranty longer life – 8 &16mm Clear and Softlite for high light and solar.

20 yr. Warranty 15 yrs. for hail,  extra 5 years extended against yellowing              – See Sheet cross sections

Basics: The thicker the polycarbonate the higher the r-value (insulation), also less framing to support load.

Greenhouses In warm climates or warm weather use only,  one can get by with 8mm Clear or Softlite.

Greenhouses moderate climates, season extenders use 8mm  Clear, Softlite or 10mm Clear

Greenhouses cold climates 16mm 3-Wall Clear or Softlite.

Skylights & Sunrooms warm to moderate climates: 8mm or 10mm

Skylights & Sunrooms In cold climates: Minimum 16mm or 25mm for greater insulation

Patio Covers & Pergolas – Min. 5º Roof Pitch. Low loads and/or low budgets 8 or 10mm.  High loads, more open look use 16 or 25mm for greater strength & less framing.

See 8-25mm Polycarbonate, some 20 year &  Base-Cap Install System for Multiwall Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies