Polycarbonate Samples plus Design and Install Guide

Polycarbonate Samples Available

polycarbonate samples Polycarbonate Samples: 8 and 10mm 2-Wall, 16 and 25mm 3-Wall, 16mm Sun XP, 25mm X-Wall

and Corrugated available. Clear, White/Opal, Softlite & Bronze samples.

Aluminum Extrusions: Base & Cap Install System and U-Profiles (8, 10, 16 & 25mm)

See  Frame Guide & Base & Cap Install to understand how the polycarb sheets are installed.


Please Email Your Request:   We will call to discuss project, request and provide a few samples.

Or call Sundance Supply 888-775-6176

Please note: We get up to 300 visitors per day to the website.  Prior to sending out samples we simply need to make sure you will receive all of the items best for your job.


Contractor Base & Cap  Web Site – No mention of Sundance Supply, a great sales tool

Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies