Polycarbonate Fire Tests, Warranties and More

Polycarbonate Fire Tests: Polycarb. has excellent flame retardant properties, classified Self-Extinguishing. If info required for permit, print pages for bldg. dept. Specs similar for all thicknesses. Note: Sabic now owns GE Plastics, fire and code specifications are the same, some tests and documents not updated yet.      Poly Specs & Tolerances

Polycarbonate Fire Tests – Lexan 20 yr Warranty Poly same fire specs.            Contact             Quote & Order

Misc. Building Code ReportsTech Data:    See Lexan Tech Download Page

Warranties:       What’s In A Warranty       8mm MultiWall 10 Yr       Corrugated 10 yr
Lexan-MultiWall ThClear 10 & 16mm 10 Yr       25mm X-Wall 10 Yr             Base & Cap Finish Warranty

 Thermoclick  40mm Clear & Opal 10 Year Warranty           Get Acrobat Reader

Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies