Opacity and Strength of Clear Polycarbonate

Opacity and Strength of Clear Polycarbonate Multiwall, how clear and strong is it?

Note: Multi-wall clear polycarbonate is not 100% optically clear.    See Multi Wall Polycarbonate

Photo shows glass on left, polycarb on right. This is clarity you can expect from multi-wall polycarb. 8mm sheet has ribs (channels) every 3/8″. Since ribs are spaced farther apart (about 3/4″) on the 16mm, these sheets offer a extra clarity. Do not expect to see images clearly. Polycarb diffuses the sun’s rays, which is excellent for plant growth, costs less than glass and is simple to install.

If building an attached sunroom and must have total clarity on walls use windows or doors.

    16mm Clear
Glass              Polycarb – 8mm Clear

Strength: Football helmets are made from polycarb. The center layers of bullet proof glass are made from polycarbonate. Rest assured, polycarb will be strong enough for your application.
Install with ribs (channels) running vertically to drain moisture.

See 8-25mm Polycarbonate, some 20 yr Warranty &  Base-Cap Install System for Multiwall Polycarbonate

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