Lexan Thermoclick Polycarbonate Wall System

Lexan Thermoclick for large expanses of wall glazing such as clerestories, window walls, curtain walls and interior partitions.

Photo Gallery     * Total Install System (satin anodized aluminum)        See Aluminum Cross Sections

Width: 40mm 19.68″      Length: Max. 38.7 Ft.     R-Value: 4.47 R      Walls Only     See Girt Spacing & Air Infiltration

Colors:  Clear, Opal & Blue (stock),     Special Colors too.          Get Acrobat Reader

10 yr warranty.  UV Protect 1 Side       Special Color full container 38.7 ft. initial order (12,696 sq. ft. order required)

Stainless Steel Hdwr. to attach to your frame extra.                  Contact To Discuss Project

40mm (1.6″) 40mmcrosssection Section Drawing

40mmThermoclick Tech support & quotes      Reports:   Fire Class A      Fire Class CC1      Windload Data

Install Components:    12′ Base & Verticals $46    12′ Top U-Profile $41.50    150′ Gasket $130    Wall Clips $3.75 ea.
2″ Aluminum Tape to close top of sheets $13       2″ Vent Tape to close bottom of sheets $55  

– Deduct 1.5″ from rough opening height to get panel height.  Aluminum fastens direct to frame.
Thickness Color Cost/Sq/Ft Light Trans. lb.ft.
40mm Clear $7.50 59% .87
40mm Opal $8.25 50% .87
40mm Blue $8.70 Blue 20% .87
50mm 45% Higher Cost No Install System
50mm Opal $11.00 37% 1.05
50mm Special $12.20 Contact 1.05

3% Discount on Orders Over $10,000 & Free Freight      50mm Install System via window mfg or glazing contractor.

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