Polycarbonate Fire Tests, Warranties and More

Polycarbonate Fire Tests, Warranties, etc: Polycarb is specially developed for excellent flame retardant properties and is classified as Self-Extinguishing. It does not encourage flames or give off toxic gases. If info required for permit, print these pages and present to your building dept. Specifications are similar for all thicknesses of polycarb. Note: Sabic now owns GE Plastics, fire and code specifications are the same, some tests and documents not updated yet.            Poly Specs & Tolerances

Polycarbonate Fire Tests – ThermoClear “20 yr Warranty” same fire specs.                         Get Acrobat Reader

Misc. Building Code ReportsTech Data:    See Lexan Tech Download Page

Warranties:       What’s In A Warranty       8mm MultiWall 10 Yr       Lexan Corrugated 10 yr
Lexan-MultiWall ThClear 8, 10 & 16mm 10 Yr       25mm X-Wall 10 Yr             Base & Cap Finish Warranty

Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies