Corrugated Storage & Install

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Storage: Store in dry, shaded, well ventilated area. Supported, sloped stacking best. Store sheets in covered areas, but not under flexible PVC coverings.
Sheet Orientation Warning: One side of sheet has protective U.V. surface, this surface must face to exterior. Sheet covered with plastic film and marked exterior. Prior to install peel film off sheet.

Cutting: Circular saw with plywood blade or jig saw with fine tooth blade. Clamp to avoid vibration. Leave film on sheet until ready to install.
Sheet Positioning: Install polycarbonate sheets with corrugated ribs running vertically on walls, and with slope on the roof.
Sheet Install: Refer to Links below at bullets ” • ” for a description of sheet installation.
Overlap: Overlap of 1 corrugation recommended and yields an overall coverage of 48″. If an overlap is needed in the sheet length, we recommend a 4″ overlap. Pop Rivets may be used to achieve a even fitting and watertight joint. Position Pop Rivets every 12″ along the overlap. Do not apply sealants between overlapping panels, as this will cause unsightly dirt streaks.
Procedure: Begin by installing roof sheet. Wall sheets installed butt against roof panels. Use horizontal closures as specified in various drawings. Sheet metal flashing is installed after sheet is in place. Corner Trim may be used, see Layout Close-up.
Attachment: Fasten screws and washers as shown in Details. Predrill with 1/4″ bit to allow for expansion. See Screw Layout and Installation Notes to determine screw count.
Cleaning: Clean with warm, soapy water. If dirt remains wipe with soft cloth. Do not scrub, scrape or use solvents. Rinse and dry with soft cloth.

Layout and Load Information
Layout Close-up
Sheet Joining
Ridge Details
Screw Layout
Closure Usage Drawing
Quonset Installation
Installation Notes

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