Polycarbonate Storm Panels – Hurricane Protection With Heavy Duty 25mm 7-Wall

Hurricane Panel Solutions For Commercial & Residential Projects

Sundance Supply provides Polycarbonate Storm Panels and install options for window wall, clerestory, atrium and skylight projects in hurricane zones.  We work closely with architects, engineers, glaziers and contractors  to design full system approaches, ready for building dept. approval.  Commercial aluminum install systems often provided by contract glazing outfits.  Our Base & Cap Install System may work in some applications, such as greenhouses. 

Pop-On Polycarbonate Panel window covering options available for homes and commercial building windows.   Hardware for individual window coverings provided by WindStorm Products, see below.

25mm Polycarbonate Impact Test Results  –  ASTM-E1886 & E1996 Test Results and Hurricane Panel Install Instructions, for window coverings are available for building dept. approval or engineer review.

Email  project specifics, we respond quickly.  25mm Clear Miami-Dade approved Polycarbonate, $4.00 sq. ft. 49.25″ wide, lengths in ft. increments. Download Miami-Dade Notice of Approval.

25mm X-Wall Lexan Clear available for window coverings. This same sheet can be used for a variety of projects with engineers approval.

Install hardware suitable for 25mm polycarbonate – Female Storm Panel Anchors and 1.25″ Sidewalk Bolts – available from WindStorm Products.  Sundance Supply provides polycarbonate and U-Profile to close ends of sheet.  Follow Panel Install for fastener layout.
Email Material NeedsWe respond Quickly               8′ U-Profile End Caps (white or bronze) $8 ea.

Window Wall – Ft. Lauderdale, FL                25mm             Ridge Skylight – Inverness, FL          Pop-On Storm Panels


Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies