Garden Prairie Pool Enclosure Reglaze

Garden Prairie Pool Enclosure Reglaze – Polycarbonate roof replacement.

Care must be taken to determine manufacturer of the pool enclosure (IBG or Garden Prairie) and thickness of polycarbonate. Both structures can be covered with either 10mm or 16mm. In both cases visual inspection and accurate measurement of the poly is crucial. Simply remove the lower edge flashing to determine sheet thickness and inside dimension of poly sheet receiver channel in I-Beam. Once above procedures completed Email Sundance Supply.

Garden Prairie (photo below, to the left) – Note I-Beam and finish. Clear Satin and Bronze Anodized common.
Garden Prairie Pool Enclosure Reglaze 

IBG Eave (photo above and to the right) Note I-Beam bolts at lower edge. Finish usually Mill Finish, No Finish.

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