Polycarbonate Lexan Thermoclick Material List

Procedure For Determining Material List: Compiling list is a straight forward process, simply follow steps below.

Panel Size and Quantity:         40mm Lexan Thermoclick – Tech Info & Pricing

Measure rough opening where Thermoclick frame to be positioned, or outside frame dimension if surface mount.

Panel Height = Take Rough Opening height less 1.5″, for frame, to determine exact Panel Height.

Quantity of Panels = Horizontal dimension in inches divided by 19″ will give quantity of panels, and a little extra.

Frame Extrusion Material List:

Base Extrusion with snap-in trim goes along lower portion of frame and up sides of frame.  Take total length of lower portion and divide by 12 ft. to get quantity of lengths required. Cut offs can be used along far left and right sides, minimize joints and determine quantity of additional 12 ft. lengths required.

U-Profile goes along upper portion of frame.  Take total length and divide by 12 ft. for quantity of lengths.

Gasket and Misc. Material List:

Gasket: Take total linear footage  of frame perimeter and divide by 150 ft to determine quantity of rolls.

Mid-Sheet Clips: See Load Chart to determine if Clips required and quantity. Clips positioned at horizontal frame members.

Tapes: 2″ Aluminum Tape goes along top of sheet to keep bugs and dirt out, rolls are 150 ft. long. 2″Vent Tape goes along bottom of sheet to allow for moisture release, rolls are 110 ft. long.

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