U-Profile Install Tips

Best to have factory cut edge of polycarbonate at the roof eave and at lower edge of walls, so aluminum sits flat and tight when screws applied to long leg of the U-Profile.  U-Profile Screws: Provided Free when U-Profiles ordered.

Position “U” at slight angle to poly, have tip of short leg hit the poly first. At same time begin to wrap, or roll, “U” onto (now engaged) edge of poly. Wrapping motion occurs as “U” pressed on sheet. In time procedure becomes second nature. Trying to press “U” on all at once will often meet resistance.       Base & Cap Page

u1  u2

The reward for this initially tedious task is a tight fitting profile. No expensive vent tape required.

On Eave Details position the long leg facing the sky. Zip the included – 3/8″ self drilling screws – through the Long Leg of the “U”, close to the tip, into the poly and the two will be cinched together. This creates an exceptional seal. (refer to Eave Details for a graphic explanation of this crucial detail). 3/8″ screws 8″ on-center. If cutting roof sheets have site cut edge under flashing, factory cut at eave.

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