Storage Cutting Install Guidelines – For Polycarbonate

Store in dry, shaded, ventilated area. Store sheets in covered area, but not under flexible PVC coverings.

Sheet Orientation: Sheets have protective UV surface on both sides, or one UV and one Drip Guard. Sheets have plastic film, marked exterior side or both UV. Prior to install, peel film off, mark exterior side with grease pencil.

Expansion: Sheet expands in heat, contracts in cold, 1/32″ per ft. – 100º temp. change.  Cold nights, hot day temp. swings and sheet may make creaking noise. Bronze, a dark color, gets hot in sun and under panel, even though solar transmission less. Bronze expands and contracts 30% more than clear or white opal. Follow Details.

Cutting: Use circular saw with plywood blade. Cut sheet before removing film, as static charge attracts dust. Vacuum or blow out channels to remove chips prior to install. Condensation moving through layers continues cleaning channels. Leave film on sheet until ready to install.

Sheet Positioning: Install sheets with channels vertical on walls, with slope on roof, see Position and Attach.

Aluminum Closure Tape: See details specific to your installation to see if tape used at sheet top.

Sheet Install: Refer to Base & Cap Install Details for a graphic description of sheet and system install.

Attachment: Fasten screws and washers as shown in Base & Cap Install Details.

Point Fastening: See Position and Attach for guidelines on fastening through body of sheet. Basic rule of thumb is position fasteners every 3-4 ft., along length, in center of sheet.

Weep Holes: Lower edge of vertical and roof sheets must allow for moisture drainage. This can be achieved by drilling 1/16″ weep holes in U-Profile, every 12″ on-center.

Silicone Sealing: Refer to Base & Cap Install Details for placement of silicone. Use Dow 999-A Silicone.

Cleaning: Clean with warm, mild soapy water, such as dish soap. If dirt remains, wipe with soft cloth. Do not scrub, scrape or use solvents. Rinse and dry with soft cloth. Cleaning will extend sheet life.

See 8 – 25mm Polycarb some are 20 Yr Warranty – Lexan Thermoclear is clearly the industry leader

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