Roof Corner with Overhang Detail

Roof Corner with Overhang Detail – These drawings depict common roof corner solutions.  Please note that the first and last rafter placement must be less than the standard 24.5″ or 49″ spacing, to achieve the desired 2″-3″ overhang.  Use care when laying out and placing framing members. See Screws that come with Base & Cap, then Screw counting for screws used in body of sheet and perimeter and U-Profile Screws8 – 25mm Polycarb some are 20 Yr Warranty.

Roof Corner with Overhang             

Typical Rafter Detail: Awning, Pergola, etc.           Poly Gable End: Dashed line is rafter or blocking between purlins

Note: Drawing to right is generic.  Dashed line can be rafter or purlin, same basic layout for both framing styles.


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