Gable End To Existing Wall Detail

Gable End To Existing Wall – Vertical wall interface is simple, roof install tricky and leak prone if not installed properly.  Detail below generic in nature, covering options except tucking under existing flashing or new flashing, then adding siding.  We do not provide metal flashing. Ridge Flashing Intro.  We do offer 3 & 6″ x 100′ – Adhesive Flashing (shown below) with Butyl Adhesive facing down, aluminum foil on the opposite surface.  – 3″ Flashing Tape only $25
Sealants: When sealing from polycarbonate or aluminum to wood, masonry or steel use Big Stretch.

Wall Detail   Gable End To Existing Wall  Roof Detail

– Gable install similar for purlin & girt or rafter & stud style framing.
Screws with Base & Cap        Screw counting screws used in body of sheet and perimeter.
See 8 – 25mm Polycarb some are 20 Yr Warranty – Lexan Thermoclear is clearly the industry leader

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