Freestanding Shed Style Ridge Polycarbonate

Shed Style Ridge – If top of sheet not seen from below, put aluminum tape on upper edge of poly.  U-Profile used if visible from below.  For flashing. See Ridge Flashing.  We offer 3″ & 6″x100′ – Adhesive Roll Flashing (shown below) with Butyl Adhesive (facing down) and aluminum foil on  opposite surface. – 3″ Flashing Tape only $25

Detail similar for purlin or rafter style framing.

Screws with Base & Cap        Screw counting screws used in body of sheet and perimeter.
See 8 – 25mm Polycarb some are 20 Yr Warranty – Lexan Thermoclear is clearly the industry leader

Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies