Foam Tape for Wood Frames – for Expansion

Foam Tape for Wood Frames – for Expansion and Contraction. Use of Foam Tape with sheets,  especially bronze poly.

Expansion and contraction of poly, can make noise. To lessen noise place 3/8″ x 1/16″ foam tape in Base and on surfaces that come in contact with poly.  Get Cap and other screws snug.  Over tightening will impede free movement of polycarbonate, noise may develop.  Do Not Use PVC Foam Tape

Free Foam Tape Added on orders of polycarbonate 10 ft. and over.  Foam tape not needed on purlins or blocking that comes in contact with polycarbonate.

At sheet joining locations place 3/8″ wide tape in Base as shown. There is a 1/2″ channel to place tape in.

See 8-25mm Polycarb, some 20 yr Warranty

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