Curb Skylight Detail Multiwall Polycarbonate

Curb Skylight Detail Multi Wall Polycarbonate – Typical curb skylights are very common in both residential and commercial construction projects. Polycarbonate multi wall sheet can easily be installed on both single panel skylight curbs and curbs that accommodate multiple panels. If only needing a few skylights best to get acrylic bubble skylights, as we have an $800 “polycarbonate only minimum” then there is aluminum, crate and freight.

  curb skylight detail

Note: Place silicone at exterior joint of Corner Trim miter.           See Ends of Cap Detail     U-Profile Install Tips

We do not provide flashing. See Flashing Purchase & Install Intro

Screws with Base & Cap        Screw counting screws used in body of sheet and perimeter.

See 8 – 25mm Polycarb some are 20 Yr Warranty – Lexan Thermoclear is clearly the industry leader

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