Base Cap Colors Trim – Finish and Profiles

Base Cap Colors Trim – Clear Satin Anodized & Mill Finish (no finish) standard colors.  White and Bronze Corners often used to trim Opal or Bronze polycarbonate sheet. 10mm White & Bronze, plus 25mm White U-Profiles available. U-Profiles are 1/16″ aluminum, with tips beveled to 1/64″ for effective water drainage over tips.

Base Cap Colors Trim
Base Cap Colors Trim
Mill Finish
Base Cap Colors Trim
Bronze 8′ Only
Order extra U-Profiles, small orders costly, 8′ UPS oversize now very expensive, Quote Only

Hardware            U-Profile Install Tips            Base & Cap Page                         Plastic H & U-Profiles Yellow


8 Ft. Corner Trim (1/16″ x 2″ x 2″ aluminum angle )  Mill Finish, Bronze & White $12 – Anodized $18

Mill Finish U-Profiles:   8mm $6 – 10mm $7 – 16mm $7

Clear Satin Anodized U’s:   8mm $10 – 16mm $11 – 25mm $12

Paint Colors:  10mm White & Bronze U-Profiles $4  –  25mm White  $8

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