Install Details for Polycarbonate – Print Drawings

Install Details for Polycarbonate Sheet – Print Details for project, compile material list  Quote & Order
      Min 5º roof slope         Install Sheet Ribs Vertical         Hardware          System Info Sheet
1)  Sheet Joining       Sheet Joining Interior Walls                       Base & Cap Page
2)  Lower Edge of Walls U-Profile can also be used to close poly edges at top & end of walls.
3)  Eave Options:            Eave Rafters & Studs          Eave with Purlins
            Eave Awning, Pergola, Skylight          Top Detached Awning, Pergola
4)  Wall Corner   Or   Butt Poly to Siding
5)  Roof Corner Options:      Roof Corner          Roof Corner with overhang
6)  Gable End to Existing Wall
7)  Ridge Options:      Attached – Lean-To      Freestanding – Gable Type      Shed Style – Single Slope

Screws with Base & Cap         Screw count in body of sheet and perimeter           U-Profile Install Tips

See  Frame Guide & Base & Cap InstallAfter Printing Install Details – Specific to your install
Special Details Below     FAQ’s     Plastic H & U-Profiles Yellow     Vent Tape Not Required

8)  Splice for runs over 24 ft            9)  Overlap runs over 24 ft             10)  Clerestory (Often Under Eave)
11)  Hip Roof Flashing             12)  Roof Valley Detail             13)  Double Slope – Gambrel Style Roof
14)  Curb Skylight            15)  Polycarbonate Transitioning To Roofing             16)  Arched Roofs

Trim Details Notes    Layout Over Frame – Purlins & Girts  &  Rafters & Posts
Cutting and Installation Guidelines         Positioning & Attachment       Install Policy

Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies