Polycarbonate Install System – Aluminum Base and Cap

Steps & links below, be guided thru design process, compile material list and Quote Online
1st Step  Choose & View Frame Layout     Vertical Rafters & Posts      Or    Roof Purlins & Wall Girts
                        2nd Crucial Step   See & Print – Install Details       Key to a successful installation
         3rd & Final Step   Colors, U-Profiles, Corner   &   Hardware        Next Quote or Order Online 

* Order Enough, ship small orders UPS  very expensive      U-Profile Install Tips      FAQ’s       Sheet Ribs Vertical

Clear Satin Anodized   24 ft $90 ea.  16 ft $65 ea.  8 ft $30 ea.       Base & Cap cut to fit your sheets
Mill Finish   24 ft $70 ea     16 ft $50 ea     8 ft $25 ea      Medium Bronze “Special Price”  8 ft.  $25 ea

        Polycarbonate Install System        Close Up           Min. roof pitch 5º Pitch

• Aluminum & Hdwr. orders for polycarbonate customers only.


Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies