Install Policy For Polycarbonate Sheet and Panel

Install Policy:
Agreement of Policy required prior to Acceptance of Order:

At Sundance Supply, we go to great lengths to provide complete install guidelines for our Base & Cap Install System. For customers who do not follow install these instructions or choose to follow instructions by others, problems may occur such as leakage, noise, excessive flexing of the polycarbonate sheet, etc.

By placing an order with Sundance Supply, a customer agrees to follow our installation guidelines and details or be responsible for any adverse consequences due to not following our instructions. We are always available to answer product and installation questions, but ultimately it is the customers responsibility to read and follow framing and install instructions.

What not to do Base & Cap System:
If problems occur with materials at the time of installation, call or email us at immediately. Proceeding with your own solution could easily create more problems, may actually void the polycarbonate warranty, and may negate our responsibility to rectify install system related problems.

Store polycarbonate out of direct sun or the protective film may stick to sheets. Avoid direct contact with PVC films or tapes.

Protective Film: Information on the film indicates which side has the UV inhibiting layer. This side should face the sun.

High Winds: Please see the Base & Cap  System Load Guidelines and follow as part of this Install Policy Agreement.

Why no Vent Tape in the Drawings?  See Vent Tape Not Required for an in-depth answer.

Polycarbonate Warranty: See 8 – 25mm Polycarbonate.

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