Polycarbonate Swimming Pool Enclosures

Customers come to us with a variety of ideas for polycarbonate pool enclosures.  The Sundance approach is a Lexan Thermoclear Polycarbonate covering and the Base & Cap Install System. Together this approach provides a watertight, attractive and long life solution.  The customer provides the frame and remaining building components, for an elegant end product.

We also offer Metal Building Frame Leads for a wide range of pool enclosures.  Once a basic and material efficient design is chosen, the customer deals directly with the metal building manufacturer.  After the design is confirmed we can provide a custom quote for the polycarbonate and install components. See Pool Enclosure Intro.

YMCA Pools
YMCA Pools
Gambrel Roof
Pool Cage Roof
Re-Covering of IBG Pool Enclosure
Best Western IBG Reglaze Elizabethtown KY
Best Western
Best Western IBG Reglaze Alamosa, CO
Best Western
Compare IBG & Garden Prairie to determine your frame type
Garden Prairie Pool Enclosure
Garden Prairie Pool Enclosure


Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies