Clear Thermoclick 40mm Polycarbonate Curtain Wall

Clear Thermoclick 40mm Polycarbonate Curtain Wall – The 40mm Lexan Thermoclick Polycarbonate sheet system can be used on a wide variety of clerestories, curtain walls, window walls, ribbon windows and a broad range of other creative polycarbonate daylighting projects. Thermoclick sheet is available in 40mm, 4.47 R-Value, polycarbonate for high insulation. The daylighting system includes a clear satin anodized aluminum framing system. The system approach results in swift installation, as the customer simply provides a rough frame opening, then attaches aluminum frame and inserts the Thermoclick Panels into the frame. This application is a warehouse curtain wall or window wall project.

Clear Thermoclick 40mm Polycarbonate   Tech Info & Pricing

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