Aquaponic Greenhouse Projects With Polycarbonate Covering

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40 ft x98 ft Design  $38,000  20 lb. Ground Snow & 115 Wind Load – with steel sheeting on 12′ endwalls,  long north wall, and north roof.  FOB St. Louis, MO.  Polycarbonate and ventilation equipment extra.

44 ft x 98 ft  Design – Steel Frame                     Wood frame   20 x 53 Design

Metal Bldg. Truss Frames 30, 40 & 44 foot Standard Widths        Lexan Polycarbonate           Poly Install Details

Texas – Progress Photo – 8mm Softlite Polycarbonate In Place:
Commercial greenhouse frame basics

Maryland – Aquaponic Greenhouse Concept Drawing:

Maryland – Progress Photo – 25mm X-Wall Clear Polycarbonate Roof In Place:

Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies