Conventional & Aquaponic Greenhouse Projects With Polycarbonate Covering

Aquaponic Greenhouse ideas for growers, educational organizations and self sufficiency.      Education      Tips

40 x 100 Design    20 x 52 Design     Commercial greenhouse frame referrals on these sizes.

16 x 36 Design      Typically customer provides frame on smaller sizes.

Designs above are typical, very basic plans.  Print design then enter materials in one of the Quote & Order Forms Online.  Simply select polycarbonate type and aluminum color you desire, then fill out the form.  Thank you, quoting online helps us keep prices low, while polycarbonate quality remains high. – Need Assistance, please email for a swift response.

Maryland – Aquaponic Greenhouse Concept Drawing: See commercial greenhouse frames.

Maryland – Progress Photo – 25mm X-Wall Clear Polycarbonate Roof In Place:

Texas – Progress Photo – 8mm Softlite Polycarbonate In Place:
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Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies