Passive Solar Primer

Passive solar heat collection devices include: greenhouses, sunrooms, skylights, windows, trombe walls, solar wood kilns, solar grain dryers, solar dehydrators, and solar hot air collectors.

These structures, or simply areas of glazing (windows, etc.), are oriented within 45º of true south and are covered with a glazing material. Inexpensive and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate is an excellent glazing material to use. Polycarb is easy to install and has a high level of light and solar transmission.

See the links below for a further description of passive solar design principles.

Passive solar heating and daylighting for homeowners

See photo of customers solar hot air collector installation.

Passive Solar Home Design

Photos of passive solar attached greenhouses and sunrooms

Passive Solar Tax Credits:
With renewed interest in solar we will keep you updated on tax credit options. Please see links below for information.

Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit Program

Utah Solar Tax Credit

For further research see search engines and enter words such as “solar home design” “passive solar” “solar collector plans”.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies