Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Frequently Asked Questions:

Selection: Clear & Softlite offer maximum light and solar transmission, best for greenhouses and solar applications. Clear not 100% optically clear. Channels in polycarbonate create a vertical pattern. Bronze and white (also called opal or ice) reduce light and heat. White is more opaque, often used to hide dirt. White will not accumulate heat the way bronze can. Bronze is most often an esthetic choice. Bronze expands and contracts more, creating noise on large sheets. Figure about 1/32″ per foot for 100º of temp. change. For small greenhouses, the impact is minimal. To avoid problems follow guidelines for the Base & Cap System.

• What thickness to use?  Pay now for greater strength and insulation, or later for more framing to support the sheet and heat to keep the structure warm.
• What width should I use? 4 ft. easy to install on roofs & walls. 4 ft. crates lighter, costs less to ship.
• Does poly. yellow from sun or damage from hail? Polycarbonate has warranty to not yellow or be effected by hail.
• Why must poly be installed with channels running vertically? A small amount of moisture may gather in the channels. Vertical installation allows this moisture to drain.
• How do I cut polycarbonate? Circular saw with plywood blade or jig saw metal cutting blade.
• I left protective film on polycarbonate, installed sheet and now can not get it off.  At hardware store get Fels-Naptha. Wash sheet with this. Pull off film and clean with soap and water.
• How to avoid dreaded backup of water into lower edges polycarbonate channels. Most common mistake is to not follow the Eave Details, see Base & Cap Install Details, especially. Vent tape is not a solution.  Our U-Profiles fit snug. The pressure of screws pinning U-Profile to poly, every 8″, slightly dimples the poly, creating exceptional seal. Small leaks at joints of U-Profile and condensation in the channels drains out via weep holes in U-Profiles.

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