General FAQs

General Frequently Asked Questions
Poly ships from Wisc.
How can I price my design? Choose a polycarbonate type, add install components and quote materials online.

Do you sell greenhouse kits? No, we sell the covering to your frame.

Do you sell plans? We do not sell plans for specific size greenhouses, but we do have a Samples & Design & Install Guides to assist you through the process

Do you have dealers in other areas of the country? No Showroom or Dealers, but we may be able to offer leads to installers.

I am building an attached sunroom and would like polycarb on the roof and glass on the vertical walls, do you have any suggestions? Yes, best to use standard doors and windows on the vertical.

Can an arched frame be covered with polycarb? Yes, the Base & Cap System with multi-wall polycarb is your best choice.

I do not see vent tape in your drawings? Vent tape is typically used in U-Profiles of plastic that, not only yellow, but also fit loosely. Without vent tape these plastic U-Profiles allow bugs to enter. Our U-Profiles fit tight, vent tape not required. It is important to access our drawings and following these drawings carefully, should you choose to use our Install Systems. Using our components and misc. instructions from others will clearly lead to problems. No other company goes to the length we do to ensure a successful installation. Follow our guidelines to the letter and we ensure a quality installation. Plastic install components are junk. Aluminum will last, and you have a choice of colors.

How long does it take for my order to arrive at my door? Orders are shipped in a week or less, then transit time.

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