Corrugated Polycarbonate FAQs


 Why no 74″ wide sheets, for 6 ft. layout, listed on the web site? With 51″ sheets one can be on a step ladder and easily bend over the sheet to fasten to the frame. The other issue is wind. Long 74″ wide sheets could be difficult to deal with, should a good wind pick up. By special order we can get all colors, except the bronze, in 72″.

  You say Multi-Wall Polycarbonate offers higher R-Value and tighter installations. Please explain. Corrugated has an R-Value of only .84. See Polycarb R-Value for R-Value of various thicknesses of multi-wall polycarb. Also, the multi-wall sheet (being than it is flat) offers a tighter seal when fastened to the frame. If you are heating a polycarb covered structure the corrugated it will cost you a lot more to heat and a larger heater may be required.

 How can I minimize heat loss with Corrugated Polycarb? Always use the horizontal closures at top and bottom of both roof and wall sheets. See Layout and Ridge Details. The vertical closure, see Layout Close-up, can simply be a pressure treated 1 x 1.

DesignSee corrugated options below (click on photo for enlargement)

Double Slope
Double Slope

 Other options include: pool enclosures, patio covers, carports, canopies,

Layout and Load Information
Layout Close-up
Sheet Joining
Screw Layout
Closure Usage Drawing
Quonset Installation
Installation Notes
Storage & Installation Guidelines

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Corrugated Quoting and Ordering Also Steel Truss Frames Covered with polycarb

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