Cap, Base & U-Profile Screws free with Base & Cap System

• Cap Screws – are 410 Stainless Steel 10-32 Trilobular Screws, with Silver Stalgard® corrosion resistance finish. – Cap seals tight.  Min. roof pitch 5º or greater if high humidity. Screw threads 1/16″ after tip, engages swiftly.

CapScrews    Multi Wall Polycarbonate and Base & Cap Install System

Trilobular Screws:  #2 Phillips-Sq. combo.  Out of round tip for swift threading into screw race.   Hurricane Strong!

Always Pre-Drill Cap – Self Tapping Screw engages, even when screw set at slight angle. – Tip Design CapScrews  CapScrews

Base Screws:    For Wood –  #8×1-5/8″ Tan Deck Type – Corrosion Resistant, even with pressure treated lumber

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For Metal – #410 stainless. Type 3 drill point.  Max .210″ steel or aluminum.

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