Cannabis Greenhouse Systems

For Medical Marijuana and Gov’t approved projects in states where cannabis is legal.    Email or Call 888-775-6176 

Galvanized Steel Truss Frame Information     Lexan Polycarbonate       Polycarbonate Install Details

Standard Widths – 4 ft. Wide Polycarbonate  – 30 ft wide x 98 ft  – 40 ft wide x 98 ft  – 44 ft wide x 98 ft

                                         – 6 ft. Wide Polycarbonate  – 30 ft wide x 97 ft40 ft wide x 97 ft

Cannabis light basics    • Cannabis light spectrum info     • NEW!  TrussCore White Reflective Wall Panels

Softlite Polycarbonate    • Polycarbonate Sheet Cross Sections    • Light Blockout Polycarbonate

Tip: always use 2UV protected polycarbonate. protection on both sides.Indoor lighting throws off UVB rays that will degrade interior of polycarbonate sheet.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse and Sunroom Building Supplies