Trim, Base & Cap and Hdwr. Order Terms-Use care, small shipments expensive.
Ship Times, Instructions, etc------ ------ Quote & Order --
8 Ft. Cap & Trim, 8 ft. Base & Cap> Cost by location.Ship in Poly Crate or UPS Ground.
• $50 Product Minimum for Trim. • Cutting to shorter lengths not an option..
We use a contract warehouse to inventory and ship Trim, Base & Cap and Hdwr. and are charged a per shipment fee. Minimums are break even, no profit, situation for us. On orders less than minimum ship cost we loose money.
- 24' Base & Cap. Minimum 3. Shipped in sturdy tubes, or in crate with polycarbonate.
-Base & Cap: $75 minimum cost to pack & ship or 12% of product cost.
-Not ordering poly? Minimum $250 to ship Base & Cap (we reserve the right to not accept Base & Cap only orders, due to the high cost to ship and potential of damage in transit).
- Hardware Cost by location.Ship UPS Ground<
Ordering, Discounts and Order Policy -.
Buy Trim, Base & Cap and Hdwr. at same time as polycarb. & receive discount in line with
poly volume discounts. Use Quote & Order Form for type of polycarbonate you wish to purchase.
Not buying poly? Use Cap, Base & Cap, Trim & Hdwr. Order Form. $50 minimum for 8 ft. Trim.
• Pickup - Poly, Base & Cap, Trim & Hdwr. can be picked up in De Pere, WI - Easy online order.
Return Policy: No Aluminum returns. Customer usually improperly packs, Trim arrives damaged.
Terms for Minimums, Payment, Warrantee, Returns, Cancellations.
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